We endeavour to have Cat 1 CPD points available to the attendees of all of our major educational events. This includes the Part 1 & 2 training courses, the Annual Federal AGM and larger events at a state level.

The 2020-2022 triennium holds the following requirements for medical acupuncture:

  • RACGP requirements:

One RACGP CPD Accredited Activity (formerly Category 1 Activity, and still worth 40 points) related to medical acupuncture for the triennium.


Further details will be available in the new year once the RACGP releases its new CPD Dashboard.


  • ACCRM requirements:

Any two (2) of the following from the ACCRM Maintenance of Professional Standards (MOPs) activities:

  • Clinical audit
  • Clinical attachment
  • Multi-Source Feedback (MSF)
  • Observation of clinical practice (peer review)
  • Case-based discussion (peer review)
  • Maintain and reflect on procedural logbook.

Each MOPs activity should be a minimum of six (6) hours long.

One activity may be completed twice.